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We Take a Lot for Granted.
Fire and Emergency Services Shouldn't be Among Them.


As a veteran you know that many Americans take our armed services for granted. The same is true for Northern Michigan's Volunteer Fire and EMS departments. Michiganders assume that when they call 911, a fire truck or ambulance will show up.


But what happens when we call 911 and no one answers? Or when we watch and wait helplessly while our home burns? What happens in a medical emergency when no one comes in time? It's time we stop taking Emergency Services for granted. Northern Michigan's volunteer Fire and EMS departments are understaffed. We need people like you who have the skills and commitment to service to join fellow veterans and volunteer in your communities.


Let's make sure the residents of Northern Michigan know that when an emergency happens, someone will be there to help. Please call your local fire department to see how you can help.

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